Dead Wolf Dead

I just wanna do my own thing. I’ve got my toy soldiers. That’s all I need. And all I wanna do. I just wanna be left alone.

But, this other kid. I don’t know him. And. He won’t leave me alone.

“Come on, man,” he says to me, again.

“I don’t wanna see it,” I tell him.

“It’s dead, though.”

“Dead wolf. Alive wolf. I don’t care. I don’t wanna see it.”

He sighs, like he’s real annoyed with me. “Oh, jeez, kid. Come on… Come on, come on, come o-o-o-o-o-n.”

“All right!” I shout. I throw down my toy soldier, I stand up. “If it’ll get ya outta my face, then I’ll see the stupid wolf!”

“Really…?” He licks his lips. Like he’s hungry. It’s weird. But, I figure he must be weird. You know, what with all this come-see-a-dead-wolf stuff.

“Okay, okay!” the kid is saying. Way too excited. So weird. “This way! Follow me!” He turns to run down the hill, but then, looks back at me. Licks his lips, again. I’m pretty sure this kid wants to eat me or something. Ha-ha.

He barrels down the hill. I chase him. Trying to keep up. But, he’s so fast. At the bottom of the hill, he tears through the high reeds of the marsh. Disappears.

I follow. Through the reeds, into the marsh. I can’t run as fast in here. Too much mud. My shoes keep getting stuck.

This is bad. I don’t wanna do this anymore. Besides, I have no clue where this idiot ran to. I don’t know which direction he went in, and, sorry for the language, but, I don’t really give a shit about seeing some dead wolf. That hasn’t changed since I was on the hill.

Unfortunately, for me, I have no idea which direction I came from. I ran blind into the marsh, pretty much, just trying to keep up with the kid. Now, I don’t know which way to go to get out.

I look down at my sneakers. They’re caked in mud. Dad’s gonna give me hell.

I realize that I’m just standing still. Not moving. Not even trying to find my way out.

I hear the reeds next to me rustling. Well, at least this moron found me. Before I can even turn to the noise, the reeds crash to the ground, and I’m yanked down into the mud. And my legs, without warning, they scream with pain.

A wolf, my knee in its mouth, stands over me. Pinning me down.

Oh, god. Oh, god, it hurts.

From all around me, the reeds are smashed down. And the wolves converge on my body.

Oh, god, it hurts so bad. Oh, god, god, god. This is how I die. Why won’t one of them just go for my neck already? Please, just one of you, go for my neck!

The wolves, they take their teeth out of my body, and back away. Whimpering.

The kid. He stands over me. He’s trying to contain a smirk.

Oh, god.

He stares at my neck.

Oh, god.

He licks his lips.


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