Mrs. Diary


Hullo, Mrs. Diary,

I went to the stream again this morning. That girl was still there. I didn’t bring any friends like she wanted me to. 

Hullo she said. That’s how she says it HULLO!!! HULLO!!!

She was angry with me. WHY DIDN’T YOU BRING FRIENDS??? She was so angry.

I tried to say I’m sorry calm down, but she pushed past me. She started running away from me. Didn’t you want to see the river in India? Didn’t you want to see the river in China? 

She kept jogging along the stream and yelling back at me. I could just about kill you! I could! I hate you! I hate you! Why didn’t you bring friends?! 

I don’t want to go to India, Mrs. Diary. 

She screamed from downstream. She was under the bridge wailing like a maniac. I hate you! You needed to bring friends! And you didn’t! Now I hate you and you can’t come to India and China! 

She ran until I couldn’t see her anymore. There are so many trees after the bridge. 

All I hear in my head is her yelling at me. I hate you I hate you why didn’t you bring friends I hate you

She’s my only friend, Mrs. Diary. I should have told her that.

What was I supposed to do? I wish I knew. 

She’s probably halfway to India by now.


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