By Banana Slug Falls

banana slug

Are you a banana, banana slug? Tell me


Tell me do

I feel my mind, I literally feel it in me, banana slug. Do you

Banana slug?

Do you?

Do you feel the brain behind your slug head? Does it

Feel like goo?

Thinking acrid stew?

Banana slug, don’t waste my time, tell me


Tell me now or never, will you?

So very sticky you seem, body like weak glue, banana slug, I don’t

Mean to offend you

But if I do

Do you, banana slug, accept apologies


I told you, banana slug, my mind moves and moves, and

It wants to race, up the hill,


Banana Slugville

by Banana Slug Falls

Sometimes I think I’m not happy enough for you

Banana slug, and for that I am sorry


All in my head, I’m watching a brick building fall,

in Banana Slugville

by Banana Slug Falls

Banana slug, I make up things, they topple and fall

Yes, it all

Banana slug, walls on walls, fall one on all

I need to fall to sleep, need to go and dream, need to turn it off

And, banana slug

You look like a banana soaked in a wet cloth

You look so slow, banana slug, and I worry

For you

Tell me do

You worry, too?

For man’s foot is much faster, and your guts are like


And if I do slip, if I slip

On you

As a banana peel underfoot

Ha! and then OOMPF!

But, banana slug, do

tell me do

are you, banana slug

a banana are you?


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