The Waves

Her phone rings rings rings riiiing.


Hi, sweet baby

She drops the phone. Cries out.

Sweet baby sweet baby

The phone is still connected to the caller. She can hear her mother through the receiver.

Are you there, sweet baby?

Cries she cries. What the fuck

Don’t cry, honey. Talk to me, honey

She picks up the phone.

Still crying.


There you are, sweet baby. I miss you


She sobs.

What the fuck, Mom

I’m sorry, honey. It’s okay, sweet baby

She sobs she sobs she feels like dying.

This isn’t real. Mom. This isn’t

Honey, I’m sorry

She’s on the floor. On her knees. One hand on the carpet.

Please, don’t cry. Sweet sweet baby

I can’t breathe. Mom, I feel like I can’t breathe

You’re okay. Breathe. Sweetie, breathe


She feels weak. Still like dying.

Mom, where are you?

Come to the beach. Come to the beach, honey

She lets out a laugh, despite herself.

You’re at the beach? … Mom

Yes, sweet baby. I’m at the beach. I’ve been here a long time, honey

How can you be there, Mom?

She cries.

I’m here, honey. I am. Listen, sweet baby. Listen, honey

Through the receiver, she hears. She hears the wind. The caws of the gulls. The cresting and the falling of the waves.



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